2011-01-19 01:52:55 by manuelberja

Friend of mine:the hand made doll
this time,there is no 3D added.

I'm so happy that Rina-chan is working with us now! she just sent me audio files today, she's totally awesome.
it would be even great if Casey send his part too. :D I'm so excited. he's awesome too!
Well,Nick Sumbles will be working with the scores.and he's the script editor too! thanks man,you're really good and awesome.
As for the animation,I'm working too hard to maintain the quality. check out the screenshot below.

Also i build a website,i don't really have an experience building website but this is just a test so please be gentle. cause this is my first HTML website, and i don't know yet how to use CSS so it's not so good.



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2011-01-19 02:16:43

I want that laptop.

manuelberja responds:

Manufacturer: A. Flash cs3
Processor: Intel Pentium 2
RAM: 256mb
HDD: 10gb
CD ROM: N/A (but floppy disk,yeah!)

you still want this laptop? :D


2011-01-27 07:45:07

I still find it hard to believe that you actually drew those pictures on the table.

manuelberja responds:

but why? it was the hardest sketch i've made. does it look like sketch of a kid?


2011-01-31 23:36:34

Wow! I'm glad it's going great :D.
I wanna see it so badly now T^T It looks cool.

manuelberja responds:

i will sEnd you a PM after submitting. :D