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Offers? E-mail me instead.

2014-08-12 15:46:53 by manuelberja


I am inactive on newgrounds and can't check messages, reviews, and comments very often. I am dead busy on other things, so don't mind if you don't get a response to anything you send me, I appreciate them all.

If you have business with me, project offers, email me and you'll get a response within 48 hours.
(email has been removed due to spam I am receiving)


Thank you.


2013-08-16 20:28:54 by manuelberja

Hello everyone,

I am inactive for years, but I'm half back now. still busy at work but will spare time to check Newgrounds from now on.

Please review/rate one of my latest illustration. very much appreciated if you do, really, it means a lot to me, because nobody cares actually.

with kind regards,

Friend of mine [teaser] released

2012-09-01 10:32:48 by manuelberja

Hi, newgrounds. watch Friend of mine teaser now. updated video quality, you may enjoy it better.

and i want to thank some of you who encourage me.
the total scenes finished of this movie was over a half.and the teaser shown 1/4 of it.

i will never forget that i got my tablet from newgrounds! thanks, it was a lot of help.
well then, i'll be working now.

visit my site MBWORKS

Friend of mine [teaser] released

my back up drive suddenly spaz out then i tried to save the project but it wont let me. until my flash crashed, and it gave me a flash project that says "unexpected file format"! Why!? whys the world so mean! looks like it is not possible to make a new one with the same quality.
but i will definitely try to give something out for halloween. the only file i managed to save is the image below, not even vector, printed screen.

flash for halloween? corrupted!

no more break.

2011-09-02 20:39:32 by manuelberja

break is over. i spent 5 months of gaming,relaxing, hanging out with friends and work.
now, it's time to get back on the the track.
"Friend of mine" will be out before the end of the year. authors, please look forward ^^

nothing here

2011-04-21 10:47:33 by manuelberja

Click! click!

nothing here

Not nice, at all!

2011-04-18 10:29:33 by manuelberja

I was working for my project(Friend of mine),Then my mother stand next to me and watching what I'm doing. then she ask me if I'm doing it easily, "no, it's hard for me" i replied. then she turned her laptop on and doing something(so on). after few minutes, "come here,let me show you something" and i saw someones Facebook profile. browsing albums and a lots and lots of Artworks are there. "he's an animator just like you" mother said and "that's cool!" i replied.
viewing the artworks over and over again.
(lots of manga characters, naruto, toradora, etc..)

mother: that's ****'s son(her boyfriend's son)
me: ....
mother: look at his artworks!
me: O_o
mother: he did all of that.
mother: His name is *blah blah blah* visit his profile and take a look at his artwork and use it as your reference.

mother: he's 19 years old
*younger than me and Better than me, that's nice*

*i was just thinking,what exactly was her trying to point out*

mother: Oh! look at him,look at his face, he's handsome!
me: (i told myself *I'm not a gay*)

*i continued what I'm doing with a little insecurity. of course because she's not proud of her own son. and she's checking out someone's artworks while mine was often,never maybe*

*and the worst part for me is...*

mother: Can you do that? (the artwork)
me: No, i still need more practice...

*then i remember what she told me when i was 17,
mother: What course would you like to take
me: animation
mother:in terms of drawing, there's a lot of people who can do better"

*Thank you,mother. that inspires me a lot*


2011-04-15 07:25:19 by manuelberja

Could you suggest a sad song for me? i don't mind the language, just a sad song.

Refresh + Flash!

2011-04-04 03:32:17 by manuelberja

Refresh your eye:
click here! XD

Oh my Flash:
looks like i need few more months to finish all the scenes.
*Phew* this project suck all the time i had for rest.

I want to push all my problems away, any suggestion for the most sad song?
I want to sleep all day.

Refresh + Flash!

How's your...

2011-02-22 22:32:13 by manuelberja

how's your Flash?
how's your Art?
how's your Music?
how are you?

How's your...